Brandenburg Gate, 1988 & 2012 Diptych
Wall at Jacob Strasse, Kreuzberg
Observation Deck at Wilhemstrasse
Behind the Reichstag 1988 & 2012, Diptych
Stripped Car Kreuzberg, 04.1989 C_18-10
Wall along Wihlelmstraase
Wall Opening at Potsdamer Platz, November 1988
Berlin Wall Memorial Potsdamer Platz
Rear Entrance Martin Groupus Bau 1988 & 2012
Wall at Axel- Springer Strasse
Storefront Kreuzberg
Wall in Kreuzberg, 10.1988_ B_21
Billboard at Bernnauer Strasse, 04.1991_G_15
Wall withTree at Bernauer Strasse
Along Bernauer Strasse 1988-1992 & 2012
Former Guard Barrachs between Walls
Wall Souvenir along Spree River
From East German Guard Tower, St Michael Platz
St Michaels Platz Panoramic
Ruins Saint Michaelkirche, 04.1991_G_8-9
Advertising Mural on wall, Kreuzberg
Beach Club in Former No Mans Land  along Spree
Check Point Charlie
Former Checkpoint at Bornholmer Bridge
Ruins at Prinz Albercht Platz, Site of SS
Ruins w/ Topography of TerrrorSignage, Site of SS
Topography of Terror Open Air Museum
Along the Berlin - Spandau Canal
Between the Spree and Stralauer Alle
Couch in Former No Mans land along Alexandrinen
Wall Remants in Invalidenfriedhof Cemetery
Cemetery near Templehof
Berlin: Landscape of Memory 1988-1992 & 2012